Michael W. Stutz

Boston, MA

Michael Stutz, Arbitrator


Michael Stutz is a second generation arbitrator who followed in the footsteps of his father, Robert Stutz, and apprenticed with Arbitrator William Fallon. Michael’s father brought him to at least one hearing every summer of his youth, and to meetings of the National Academy of Arbitrators, where he interacted with the founders of the profession. After Georgetown Law School, Michael advocated before arbitrators on behalf of the City of New York, and became neutral with the apprenticeship with Arbitrator William Fallon. He began as an independent arbitrator in 1984.


Michael has served on many panels and arbitrated a wide range of public and private sector cases in New England. For 15 years, he was based in Aquinnah, MA on Martha’s Vineyard Island, flying to cases by private airplane.


 In 2018, Michael went on sabbatical to Cartagena, Colombia, where he continues to reside and practice arbitration remotely.