Michael P.  Long

Detroit, MI

EDUCATION: J.D. Detroit College of Law (1973) ; Bachelor of Arts, University of Detroit (1968)


OAKLAND UNIVERSITY (current employer)




Labor Arbitrator 1984 - present

National Academy of Arbitrators

American Arbitration Association (Labor and Employment Rosters)

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Michigan Employment Relations Commission

Michigan Department of Labor

National Center for Dispute Settlement




Attorney at Law 1973 - present

Sole practitioner specializing in Employment, Labor Relations and Business Law - practice limited to role as neutral arbitrator and mediator.

Michigan Bar Association

Labor and Employment Law Section

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

American Bar Association

Labor and Employment Research Association


Special Skills & Experience


  • I have 40 years of experience in labor relations. 
  • For the last 28 years, my service has been limited to that of a neutral arbitrator, fact finder and mediator. 
  • I am a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, as well as the labor relations arbitration panels of the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, American Arbitration Association and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.
  • I serve on a number of special labor arbitration panels
  • I have issued over 650 binding labor and employment arbitration decisions, including a number of decisions under Michigan ACT 312 Police/Fire disputes and fact findings such as for the City of Detroit and its Fire Fighters, the City of Flint and its supervisory and non-supervisory employees, the City of Saginaw and its Police Officers, and the City of Grand Rapids and its Fire Fighters,  
  • I have served as State appointed fact finder for Dearborn Schools and its support personnel, and West Bloomfield Schools and its teachers.
  • I have designed the curriculum for the minor in Labor and Employment Studies and the minor in Leadership, and have written texts for three courses at Oakland University since 1993.  The focus of my scholarship at Oakland University is in the field of labor and employment relations.
  • Publications, Papers, Articles & Presentations:  Last Chance Agreements - Presumptions, Postulations & Possibilities, January, 2001; Labor Arbitration Practices in Michigan and Ohio, Labor and Employment Lawnotes, Journal of Employment Law of the State Bar of Michigan, Fall, 1996; The Concepts of Collective Bargaining and Labor Law, Eleventh Edition, Oakland University, Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work (2003); Arbitration of Off Duty Misconduct Cases, October 2000; Compilation of Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions, May, 2003; Primer of the Duty to Bargain and Past Practice for Arbitrators, LAW NOTES, State Bar of Michigan, October 1996; Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution, Tenth Edition, Oakland University, Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work, January, 2003; Tools for Writing and Enforcing Collective bargaining Agreements, Oakland University, Ken Morris center for the Study of Labor and Work, (2001); Collective Bargaining Simulation, Strong Vinyl and The Vinyl Workers' Union, (2003), Oakland University, Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work; Collective Bargaining Simulation, From Employee Handbook to Bargained Contract, Ninth Edition (2003), Oakland University, Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work; Practice Cases in Dispute Resolution, (2002), Oakland University, Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work, Rochester, Michigan; Terminated in Retribution – Just Cause, Probation and Workplace Hostility, American Arbitration Association Summary of Arbitration Awards, September, 2010


  • I am honored to be a member of the Master Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Michigan, and serve on the Service to Master Lawyers Committee which is responsible for developing and producing educational programs for members of the section, and promoting mentoring of younger lawyers by Section members.