Felice E. Busto

Ocean Grove, NJ

Full-time Arbitrator and Mediator since 1998 in private and public sector cases;
Arbitrator for the following panels: American Arbitration Association, FMCS,
National Mediation Board, NJ State Board of Mediation, NJ PERC, PA Bureau of
Mediation, District of Columbia PERB, NJ PERC Special Discipline Panel; Ad
Hoc Mediator and Factfinder NJ PERC; Mediator of labor and employment cases
under Title VII, ADA and other labor and employment statutes for federal and state
courts, federal agencies and private parties. Instructor Cornell ILR Extension
Program NYC (2016 - present); Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University School of
Management and Labor Relations teaching "Conflict Resolution in the Workplace"
and "Airline Labor Relations" (2003 to 2013).