Carolina Avellaneda

McCarter & English
Boston, MA

Ms. Avellaneda protects clients’ assets, including trade secrets, intellectual property, customer base and human capital. She litigates complex commercial disputes in lawsuits involving non-competition agreements, claims for breach of fiduciary duty, business torts, trade secret violations and fraud, among others. Ms. Avellaneda is often called upon to act as outside general counsel for her clients. She assists clients with business negotiations and helps them craft strategies that increase the likelihood of success in litigation or avoid it.


Ms. Avellaneda has a specialty in employment law and provides advice on wage and hour compliance, ADA and FMLA, Workers’ Compensation Act, development of personnel policies and procedures, negotiation of employment and severance agreements, employee counseling, preventive training, and investigation of internal workplace matters among other issues. Ms. Avellaneda also handles international business disputes and has a personal network of international litigation and employment counsel to provide assistance worldwide.


Ms. Avellaneda has provided over 170 hours of interactive training on employment issues including harassment prevention and employee management.