Alexis “Lexi” Lyman

R.I. Council 94, AFSCME, AFL-CIO

Ms. Lyman was born and raised in Glocester, RI. She is the proud daughter of retired public sector employees. Ms. Lyman received a Bachelor of Arts degree (double major - Philosophy and Psychology) from the University of R.I. She was conferred with a Juris Doctor from the University of Iowa College of Law. In addition, Ms. Lyman received a Graduate Certificate in Labor Relations followed by a M.S. in Labor Relations and Human Resources from the University of Rhode Island.


Ms. Lyman started working for R.I. Council 94 in September of 2012. She was the first female staff representative that the Council had employed. Since July 2014, she has held the position of Senior Staff Representative. Currently, she assists and represents eleven (11) locals - municipal, private, and state.  She is responsible for negotiating contracts, providing representational services to the locals, and presenting the Union’s case at grievance and arbitration hearings.


Since March 2013, she has been an AFSCME Educator, responsible for various membership trainings at the Council and co-presented a diversity training at the AFSCME Womens Conference in 2015. Ms. Lyman was selected to be a mentor for the AFSCME Women’s Leadership Academy. Most recently, Ms. Lyman has been a panelist at the URI Schmidt Labor Research Center Labor Arbitration Conference, presenting the Union perspective on #METOO and virtual arbitration hearings.