Using Guided Choice to Increase Satisfaction with the Value of Mediators

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Using Guided Choice to Increase Satisfaction with the Value of Mediators


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Faculty and Summary

102 Minutes

Obtaining a positive result in mediation is important. Getting there in an efficient and expedited fashion is just as important to the business parties for whom effective use of resources is critical.

Since most commercial disputes are eventually settled, businesses want them settled as early as possible, minimizing the disruption and legal expenses of late-stage settlements. During this webinar, a panel of six commercial mediators will show you how the Guided Choice approach to mediation can generate the results you are looking for.

The areas discussed will include the following:

  • The best mediators know how to find out, before any settlement negotiation begins, all the possible reasons for stalemate. These may involve not only differing opinions on law and facts, but also the decision making process used by companies and their decision makers. This program will show you what to look for.
  • To “settle or not” always involves human behavioral characteristics. The panel will describe the tools you need to determine how positions were developed. These are the keys to understanding what has to happen for those positions to change.
  • Advocates require information in order to negotiate effectively. The panel will show you proven techniques to efficiently satisfy those informational needs in expedited fashion.

This recorded webinar, available 24/7, includes a PowerPoint which summarizes important points. Written questions will be answered via email.


  • Paul M. Lurie
  • Adrian L. Bastinelli, III
  • Paul J. VanOsselaer
  • Steve W. Paul
  • Denise Madigan
  • Karl Bayer
  • Michael J. Leech


  • Mediators who want to differentiate themselves as persons who can not only settle cases, but settle them earlier.
  • Lawyers who want to enhance their advocacy skills to enable earlier dispute resolutions.
  • Outside and in-house counsel who want to have a more objective way to identify the type of mediators they want to select.
  • Academics and anyone interested in the dynamics of mediation.


COMMENTS from the “blue ribbon” group that reviewed the Guided Choice program:

"In an effort to encourage the early use of mediation to resolve complex, business-to-business disputes, Paul Lurie has introduced the concept of Guided Choice.  In this video program, Paul and a panel of other distinguished mediators describe their experiences in using the principles of Guided Choice to resolve difficult cases.  The video will expand your understanding of techniques that can be used by an early-appointed mediator to shape the dispute resolution process based on confidential pre-negotiation conferences and telephone conversations with counsel and the parties. Guided Choice is not a panacea, but it can be a useful tool in the mediator's toolbox." ~ Mediator, former Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution

“Guided Choice is Mediation 2.0 and Paul Lurie is its midwife. Hear Paul and well picked panelists discuss how mediation moves from "bashing and trashing" on the eve of trial to choreographed engagement of the decision-makers early enough to reduce cognitive dissonance and avert transaction costs that erect barriers to efficient deals. Stop what you are doing and listen to this punchy view of the future of dispute resolution.” ~ Mediator, Adjunct Professor

“Guided Choice offers an ideal framework for companies to maintain control over litigation while providing flexibility in developing resolution strategies.” ~ Mediator

“Guided Choice relies upon some of the crucial attributes of successful conflict management: foresight, patience, persistence and creativity.  This program is an effective introduction to an effective approach to resolution of complex disputes.” ~ Mediator and Adjunct Professor

“Early resolution of disputes is the holy grail of business clients. This groundbreaking webinar clearly explains the principles of Guided Choice mediation practices, which, with the help of a skilled mediator, provide a structure that leads to quicker and more effective settlement processes.  This webinar is an essential aid for mediators and in-house counsel to understand the tools of Guided Choice and how to use them.” ~ Mediator

“Paul Lurie hits the nail on its head in this webinar with his thoughtful and practical application of Guided Choice. Proscribing early diagnosis of impediments to settlement and ongoing facilitation and mediation of the dispute even when it is in litigation or arbitration is shown to be cost effective and time saving in construction and other complex matters.” ~ Former Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution


*The views expressed by panelists in this webcast are not necessarily those of the American Arbitration Association, Inc.  The American Arbitration Association, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the content and materials presented by speakers during the webcast.


This program does not qualify for the AAA's annual Arbitrator Continuing Education requirement.   


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