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The Role of Fairness & Justice in Arbitration

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Reginald Holmes
Reginald A.Holmes

The Holmes Law Firm
Pasadena, CA

60 Minutes


Matters resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) have moved well beyond commercial disputes involving parties of equal resources, shared values and common industry practices and now include almost the full range of disputes from employment to consumer to small business to domestic relations and every manner of dispute in between. This growth has been accompanied by concern because these matters involve disputes and rights that historically were resolved exclusively in public civil courts and also may involve adhesive contracts between parties with grossly unequal resources, knowledge and advocacy skills. Left unaddressed, this concern could erode confidence in the fairness of ADR and support for its use.

This 60-minute recorded webinar primarily addresses the role and duty of arbitrators to ensure that the arbitrations over which they preside are fair and just to all parties (The Fairness Imperative). It also examines the obligation of the arbitral community to protect and facilitate the public perception of arbitration as not only a fair and just forum for the resolution of disputes, but at its best the superior forum for conflict resolution.   

Areas reviewed during this webinar include the following:

  • why fairness and justice in arbitrations matter;
  • overview of current perceptions of ADR;
  • problematic arbitration situations;
  • the arbitrator’s duty to provide a fair and just forum;
  • strategies and best practices for arbitration fairness and justice;
  • practice pointers for advocates and parties;
  • AAA processes, procedures and initiatives;

and more.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS PRESENTATION – Arbitrators, advocates, academics, and anyone interested in the dynamics of the arbitration process.


What others are saying about this presentation...

Inspiring and informative program about the arbitrator's role in assuring fairness throughout the arbitration process.

This is a very timely topic, and very good and engaging substantive discussion.

Good introduction to the fairness concept and ethical obligation for the novice or limited experience arbitrator.  Subject matter important for non-arbitrators to understand the system and responsibilities of arbitration.

This course is a good high-level review of why some people view arbitration as unfair and what arbitrators can do to combat that perception.

Program was a good reinforcement of the need to maintain the perception of the effectiveness of arbitration and its fairness to all participants.

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This program does not qualify for the AAA's annual Arbitrator Continuing Education requirement.    

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