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The Ethics of e-Discovery in Arbitration

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James Reiman
James Reiman

Evanston, IL

Stanley Sklar
Stanley P. Sklar

Dispute Resolution Services
Chicago, IL

80 Minutes

It’s a whole new ballgame when it comes to discovery in the digital age. Issues arising out of the preservation, collection, review, production and use of electronically stored information can be especially complex and can in themselves lead to disputes that can increase the time and cost of arbitration. Ethical issues which may arise in eDiscovery can be particularly knotty.

This 80-minute recorded webinar will increase your awareness of these ethical issues that swirl around the use of eDiscovery in arbitration so that, whether you are an advocate or an arbitrator, you will more effectively manage your role in the process.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • the ethical duty of arbitrator competence in the digital age;
  • the risk of spoliation of evidence in eDiscovery;
  • ethical considerations in dealing with eDiscovery and Clawback agreements;
  • the duty of confidentiality in eDiscovery;
  • ethical issues pertaining to document collection, inadvertent disclosure, information preservation, gathering and retrieving documents, search criteria, attorney/client privileged information, metadata;
  • the impact of the Federal Rules of Discovery on eDiscovery in arbitration;
  • professional misconduct re mining of Metadata;
  • application of eDiscovery in small cases;

and more.

In this digital age you must be informed about eDiscovery. Register now.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS PRESENTATION – Arbitrators, mediators, advocates, academics, and anyone interested in the arbitration process.

What others are saying about this presentation...

An excellent discussion of the ethics of ediscovery.

Clear presentation of ethical issues in E-discovery.

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