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Social Media and Ethics - Should Labor Arbitrators and Advocates Ever Be “Friends?

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Margaret Brogan
Margaret R. Brogan

Philadelphia, PA

Jeanne Charles
Jeanne Charles

Pembroke Pines, FL

90 Minutes

Social media has been thoroughly integrated into the fabric of everyday life, including many aspects of conflict resolution. Arbitrators, advocates and their clients now commonly use internet tools in their practices and workplaces. This can sometimes lead to ethical problems that may occur when these modes of communication and expression are misused, many times unintentionally.

This 90-minute recorded webinar provides a comprehensive examination of the intersection of the ethical obligations presented by the Code of Professional Responsibility for Labor-Management Arbitrators with the common-day issues of life in cyberspace. Some of the questions answered include--

  • What is acceptable in terms of advocate or party communication with an arbitrator?
  • What problems are presented by the use of social media for professional and social expression?
  • May arbitrators and advocates be “friends” on Facebook or LinkedIn, and if so, what unforeseen problems may result?
  • What are the obligations for all participants in an arbitration in relation to the use of electronic expression?

By viewing this presentation you will acquire a greater appreciation of the problems that may result from the use of electronic communication and social media expression, with a focus on ethical obligations and how all parties to an arbitration can utilize best practices in this area.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS PRESENTATION – Arbitrators, employer and union advocates, academics, and anyone interested in the arbitration process and how it is affected by the proliferation of social media and other modern digital communication modalities.

What others are saying about this presentation...

"This webinar provided very good overview of certain ethical and other issues that can arise for arbitrators relating to social media."

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