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Out of Sight, Out of Mind - What You Need to Know about Preventing and Arbitrating Business-to-Business (“B2B”) Data Breaches

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P. Jean Baker
P. Jean Baker

American Arbitration Association
Washington , DC

Sherman Kahn
Sherman Kahn

Mauriel Kapouytian Woods LLP
New York, NY

Sandra Jeskie
Sandra Jeskie

Duane Morris LLP
Philadelphia, PA

Joseph DeMarco
Joseph DeMarco

DeVore & DeMarco
New York, NY

90 Minutes

Data breaches are now a fact of life.  Almost everyone is familiar with breaches that occur when someone gains unauthorized access to consumer data held by a business – the “business-to-consumer” or “B2C” breach. 

Far less publicized are the “business-to-business (“B2B”) breaches.  These breaches often occur quietly and don’t often appear on the front page of the newspaper but are not less important and can have disastrous effects on business.

This 90-minute recorded webinar provides an analysis of the two kinds of breaches and answer questions that should be of foremost consideration, including:

  • What are the relevant differences between the two types of breaches?
  • Why do B2B breaches often raise the same problems as B2C breaches?  (Answer: employees!)
  • What are some of the domestic and international legal regulations applicable to both types of breaches?
  • How can/should business parties reduce/allocate the risk of a computer-based breach when they enter into a contractual relationship?
  • Why should parties prefer arbitration over litigation of disputes arising from B2B breaches?
  • How can AAA’s online tool (Clause Builder) assist with drafting an effective/efficient arbitration provision?
  • What security considerations should lawyers and arbitrators keep in mind during arbitration or litigation of data/cybersecurity disputes?

 WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS PRESENTATION – Arbitrators, advocates, academics, and anyone interested in the dynamics of the arbitration process.

What others are saying about this presentation...

Well conceived and well presented. Thank you.

Very helpful webinar that provided in depth information about B2B privacy issues.

Seminar presented a very good  overview of privacy/security issues in B2B arbitrations, with some very good jewels to take away.

This was a very informative session about an important and developing area.  The speakers were excellent and very knowledgeable.

I primarily signed up for this webinar because it was a free course.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the webinar, and it was very informative.  I'd definitely attend another!

Excellent introduction to trending issues for anyone interested in the subject matter.

The speakers were imminently qualified and offered realistic, usable and very valuable information.  Well worth the time!

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This program does not qualify for the AAA's annual Arbitrator Continuing Education (ACE) requirement.

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