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Crossing the Line - New Developments in the Law of Arbitral Jurisdiction

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Mitchell Marinello
Mitchell L.Marinello

Novack and Macey LLP
Chicago, IL

Matthew Singer
Matthew J.Singer

Novack and Macey LLP
Chicago, IL

60 Minutes     

What are the limits of an arbitrator’s power? Where does an arbitrator’s authority end and the court’s begin? These are seemingly fundamental questions, but the answers are often nuanced and the relevant legal doctrines in a state of flux. The U.S. Supreme Court and federal courts of appeal have recently issued a number of important decisions on topics relating to arbitral jurisdiction. This 60-minute recorded webinar provides an up-to-date perspective on some of these key decisions.

During this recorded webinar, you will learn about specific case law defining the limits and extent of arbitrator authority. Arbitrators will find out more about how to determine whether they have power to rule on particular questions that involve jurisdiction, defenses to arbitration, and class action status. Advocates will learn how, when, and whether they can raise a meritorious objection to an arbitrator’s authority…or argue in favor of the arbitrator’s authority to rule on a particular question.

Other areas covered include—

  • who decides whether a non-signatory can be bound to an arbitration agreement;
  • who decides defenses to arbitration;
  • who decides whether arbitration can proceed on a class basis;
  • how to properly preserve a jurisdictional objection.

Who WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS PRESENTATION: Arbitrators, advocates, academics, or anyone with an interest in the dynamics of the arbitration process.

 What others are saying about this presentation...

"This was outstanding. The presenters showed an impressive command of the law and the ability to communicate it clearly."

"A thorough analysis of the major issues involving arbitrator jurisdiction with numerous helpful court citations."

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