Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration

Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration

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The first volume in the AAA/ICR Dispute Resolution Series.

This successor to the American Arbitration Association’s seminal primer, Labor Arbitration: What You Need to Know, introduces arbitrators, advocates, union, management and government representatives, as well as students and general readers, to the way disputes in the labor-management setting are dealt with under collective bargaining agreements and statutes. In this book readers will find: 

• A clear introduction to each step in the process of grievance arbitration. 

• References to the statutory and case law principles that shaped labor arbitration. 

• Practical guidance so that advocates, unions, management, and government representatives can participate effectively in the grievance process and in labor arbitration in particular. 

• How interest arbitration in the public sector works. 

Co-published by the the American Arbitration Association and Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution.

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